Homeowners taking actions as storm threatens Monrovia residences

Monrovia, California – Monrovia residents are preparing for the worst as the storm approaches residences in the Bobcat Fire burn area.

“We are supposed to be on alert should we get too much debris coming down from the hillsides from the fire.” said resident Michael Kunch.

Homeowners have put wooden fixtures in front of their driveways in order to protect their homes from a potential damage. Officials have placed cement barriers to help protect residents from debris flowing down the hill.

Monrovia has also prepared its catch basin for possible debris flow, and the Monrovia Fire Department has advised citizens to remain alert as the storm approaches. Monrovia issued an evacuation warning for homeowners along Ridgeside Drive and Oakglade Drive at 6:30 p.m.

The city has placed 1,700 feet of concrete barriers along Oakglade Drive and Ridgeside Drive. Flooding and mudslides are expected to be moderate to severe, according to officials..

Sandbags are also being handed out by the city of Monrovia at Recreation Park, just off of Shamrock Avenue in the 600 block.

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