Young pregnant woman remained unvaccinated because she was afraid to take the vaccine while pregnant, contracted the virus and died after giving birth

Millions of people around the world are still vaccine hesitant when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccines, remaining heavily exposed to the virus risking developing severe condition and even death if they contract the coronavirus.

Americans can choose between three Covid-19 vaccines of which two are developed on a completely new mRna technology, a type of technology that has never been implemented in any other vaccine before. While some people are declared as anti vaxxers in general, a decent number of those unvaccinated decide not to get the vaccine because they are concerned how these mRna vaccines actually work.

Especially concerned are pregnant and breastfeeding women, a category of people with probably one of the lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates so far. Numerous studies have shown there aren’t any side effects after vaccination for both the mothers and their babies, but still, many choose to wait and get vaccinated at a later date exposing themselves and the babies to a greater coronavirus risk until getting the shot.

One of them was the 27-year-old C. Hernandez, a young pregnant woman from Texas, who decided not to get vaccinated against Covid-19 because she had concerns over the vaccines. Both Hernandez and her husband tested positive on Covid-19 shortly after the New Year’s Day. When they contracted the virus, Hernandez was pregnant with their sixth child.

According to ABC 13 who were among the first to report the story, Hernandez began to feel unwell, experienced shortness of breath and chest tightness and developed severe condition in a matter of days. When her husband took her to hospital, she was immediately admitted because of low oxygen levels. Shortly after, Hernandez was diagnosed with pneumonia due to COVID.

Just few days later, doctors performed an emergency C-section to deliver the couple’s baby, a boy called Koda born at 25 weeks. According to Hernandez’s husband Rico, his wife did well, she was in stable condition and she was aware afterwards and informed that the baby had been delivered. Despite being born earlier, the baby boy was described as “healthy and doing amazing.”

Hernandez was still on ventilator support in the upcoming days, but her lungs were recovering, she felt better and her overall condition was improving. Just when everyone in the hospital thought she was going to fully recover and reunite with her newborn, Hernandez’s condition worsened and she died mid-January. The healthcare personnel and her husband were in total disbelief.

Shortly after her death, Rico spoke with ABC 13 and said that both he and his wife were unvaccinated against the deadly virus. According to him, “it all happened so fast and it was being pushed on us very fast,” saying: “She was pregnant and so she had some concerns.” During his wife’s stay in hospital, Rico was unable to go to work since he had to take care of the couple’s five children at home.

A GoFundMe page was set up by a close friend of the mom, titled “Help Crystal have the proper burial.” As of writing of this article, it had raised more than $22,000 out of a $50,000 goal.

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