“I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I had gotten vaccinated,” man regrets skipping vaccine before he died due to Covid-19

In the last couple of weeks, the number of new Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths is decreasing nationwide resulting with many states loosening the well-known pandemic measures, a positive trend ahead of the spring months when people usually start to spend more time with friends and family outdoors.

The highly contagious Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus started to spread in the beginning of December last year quickly becoming the dominant variant in every single state. Since the start of the pandemic, Omicron is the first variant that easily evades both natural and vaccine immunities setting new record high numbers of cases almost everywhere.

The immunity in fully vaccinated people wanes over time, but vaccines still offer significant protection against severe condition, hospitalization and death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health experts strongly encourage those eligible to get the third, booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccines since studies have shown that booster dose immunity is currently the best immunity one can get against Omicron.

The 40-year-old C. Cabrera, a famous California comedian, changed his mind over the Covid-19 vaccines when he ended up in hospital early January after contracting the deadly virus before the New Year’s Eve and developing severe condition. According to the hospital reports, the vaccine hesitant comedian was put on ventilator support after developing pneumonia on both lungs which ‘prevented him to breathe on his own’.

“I really regret not getting my vaccine,” he texted his brother, according to KTLA that talked with his brother later that month. “If I can do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I had gotten vaccinated,” Cabrera reportedly said.

Cabrera’s friend and fellow comedian M. Blackson was constantly informing his fans and followers on Twitter about Cabrera’s condition.

“I’m not here to promote this vaccination, I really didn’t give two shits about it either but if you are unhealthy like bad lungs and etc go get vaccinated because it will help you stay alive if you catch it,” Blackcson tweeted on January 13th.

“My Chinese Best Friend is in the hospital and using an oxygen tank to breathe, he smokes a lot of cigarettes and he knew his lungs were bad now he has Covid pneumonia in his lungs. If he would [have] got vaccinated it probably won’t be as bad. Let’s keep praying for him,” Blackson added the same day.

While doctors were doing everything in their power to save his life, Cabrera felt like he is losing the battle with the deadly virus. His brother told KTLA “Cabrera knew he might not make it” constantly repeating to take care of his son in case he dies in hospital.

On January 22nd, Cabrera lost the battle with Covid-19 and was pronounced dead at the hospital. A GoFundMe campaign was started, raising money for the three-year-old son Cabrera left behind.

“We are very sad to announce that our beloved brother Christian Cabrera … has lost his battle with Covid pneumonia and passed away tonight,” Cabrera’s brother wrote in the fundraiser. “He touched so many people’s lives because he was a very loving, kind, generous, caring person with a beautiful heart and soul.”

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