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Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment will use a $500,000 grant to plant trees

Los Angeles, California – Using a $500,000 grant from the California Natural Resources Agency, Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment will plant 1,600 trees in South Los Angeles along a 5-mile stretch of Slauson Avenue in the area.

Board of Public Works Vice President Aura Garcia said, “We are very grateful for the opportunity of adding more trees to our city, especially in areas where there is a lack of shade, we can now enhance and beautify the area. Getting funding from other outlets, like CNRA, is critical to our continued ongoing efforts in Los Angeles to aid with climate change.”

On the north side of Slauson Avenue, from Crenshaw Boulevard to Alameda Street, trees and other plants will be planted to make the environment a better place for residents. A Metro rail-to-rail bike and pedestrian route is being built in the area as part of the Slauson Corridor.

“We thank the California Natural Resources Agency for this grant that will allow us to plant hundreds of trees in a much-needed area of South Los Angeles. Along with the shade these trees will bring, it will help reduce the temperature and sequester carbon as LASAN continues to support the city’s efforts in environmental justice through its various initiatives,” said LA Sanitation and Environment General Manager and Executive Director Barbara Romero.

A total of 18 projects have received grants totaling $12 million from the CNRA’s Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation program, which provides money to government agencies and nonprofit organizations to minimize environmental consequences caused by new or renovated transportation facilities.

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