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Los Angeles County Fire Department sends equipment, medical supplies to Ukraine

Los Angeles County, California – The Los Angeles County Fire Department is joining the efforts to help Ukraine as they received a request for supplies on Tuesday. However, because the plane is set to leave on Friday, the department had to quickly and efficiently put together these extra supplies.

Fire Chief Daryl Osby stated, “We know how dangerous it is to fight fires with full gear. We’ve never experienced fighting it in a war, but whatever we can do to assist them in protecting the lives of their citizens, we are on board. ”

In addition to medical supplies, the LA County Fire Department will be sending five pallets of equipment, which will have everything from boots to bulletproof vests to gloves to helmets.

Despite the fact that the first in fire foundation had made the request for supplies, officials from the department did not provide specifics on how the cargo would be delivered to Ukrainian fire crews.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department hopes that other organizations will also follow their example and soon donate supplies to the Ukrainian people.

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