37-year-old female science teacher put hand sanitizer in a male student’s hands and lit the flammable solution on fire as part of experiment during class causing serious injuries to the student, investigation

Teachers are those who parents rely on the most when it comes to their children’s safety and well being while in school. Teachers are those who take major part in the development process of the students especially in the teen and pre-teen years. While in most of the cases teachers and school employees are trying to keep students happy and entertained during school hours, different kinds of incidents are part of that process and they even result with injuries sometimes.

Parents of students and the local community were nothing but devastated following the last week’s incident when a student suffered third-degree burns as a result of an incident that happened during science class, ultimately resulting with the teacher’s resignation this week and ongoing investigation conducted by the school district and the local law enforcement agencies.

According to multiple reports, a 12-year-old student from Texas suffered third-degree burns as a result of a science class experiment after the 37-year-old teacher, whose identity was not publicly revealed, reportedly told her middle school students to put hand sanitizer in their hands and lit the flammable solution on fire as part of the class experiment. Right after the incident, the local police responded at the school and started investigation about the incident.

The 37-year-old science female teacher was initially placed on administrative leave last week, but the school district confirmed she resigned of the position earlier this week, just four days after she was placed on administrative leave. The investigation about her continues and the results will be submitted to the district’s attorney’s office for review.

As CBS DFW reported, the incident happened in GMS located in North Texas. The teacher reportedly asked her students if they wanted to see something ‘cool’ after they finished their test early than expected. Then she told her students to put sanitizer on their hands and lit it on fire. While in most of the cases the fire in such situations will be gone within few seconds, that particular student allegedly panicked resulting to suffer several injuries.

The school district didn’t inform the public how long the teacher has been working in that particular school claiming they are unable to provide additional details “given that this is a personnel matter.” The school district, however, confirmed that the injured student was initially treated in the school, before it was transferred to a local hospital for further treatment.

Speaking to CBS DFW, many parents said they were unaware their kids would literally be playing with fire. As it stands, parents are taking sides online. Some are defending the teacher, while others call the experiment — that involved starting a fire on students hands — inexcusable. After the incident, someone posted photos online showing the blisters from the serious burns the student suffered on April 1.

Some parents were furious as a result of the incident. Commenting on the school district’s social media posts, one said that, “Putting a flammable substance on bare hands and igniting it is not a science experiment. It’s just stupid.” Another posted that, “There’s absolutely NO excuse for putting a child in danger like that!!”

Some parents were more forgiving, with one posting, “The teacher may not have made the best choice by doing this experiment but it obviously went perfectly safely 99 out of 100 times. I don’t think them losing their job [resigned to avoid termination] is the solution.”

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