Trainee doctor at a med school, who claims a patient mocked her for wearing a pronoun badge that said ‘She/Her’, admitted to purposefully missing the patient’s vein deliberately injuring him, placed on extended leave

The majority of the online community were nothing but devastated when a young woman, medical student, tweeted that she missed patient’s vein on purpose when she had to make blood draw in an effort to deliberately injure them because the patient reportedly mocked her before the blood draw procedure about the badge she was wearing.

While most of the Twitter users slammed the fourth-year medical student for what she did, several of her fellow students fully supported the trainee, while another doctor-to-be said the missed injection was ‘karma-tic’ for him mocking her. Once the university officials learned about the tweet, they placed the student on leave, and few days ago university officials confirmed the student’s leave was extended while the ongoing investigation about the incident is finished.

According to Daily Mail that reported about this incident few days ago, the N. C. trainee doctor identified as K. D. Rosario tweeted that she purposefully missed a man’s vein while drawing his blood – an act apparently meant to punish the patient, who mocked her for wearing a pronoun badge that said ‘She/Her.’ When the tweet gathered a lot of online attention, the university was forced to place their student on leave, claiming that she had made an ‘inaccurate statement’ on social media.

‘Wake For. School of Medicine has completed a thorough review of the patient encounter with our medical student who recently made an inaccurate statement on social media,’ the school wrote in a statement to ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ producer Gregg Re on Friday.

‘The review determined that the student had no intention to harm the patient and followed Medical Center protocols The School and the student have agreed upon her taking an extended leave. During this time the student will not participate in any patient care activities.’ 

The school of medicine didn’t disclose how long Rosario will be on extended leave or what methods they had used to determine that Rosario’s mistake was accidental. In addition, the school didn’t say if the patient involved was contacted about the incident still leaving many questions open. Since the initial school’s statement, Rosario changed the narrative of her first tweet now claiming what she did was accidental and after her first attempt, a more qualified medical professional made the second blood draw attempt in line with existing procedures.

The incident that reportedly happened late March left many people outraged especially due to the fact that the school took very long to respond about the accusations. Meanwhile, a statement by the student hinted she would be back working after she had ‘reflected’ on her ‘social media use as a professional’.

In addition to the medical school’s statements, Rosario further tried to explain what had happened that day:

‘I am writing this as an apology for a very irresponsible tweet that I sent on Twitter that I highly regret. For the event mentioned in the tweet, I was performing a blood draw on a patient and during our conversation they had shown dismay at my pronoun pin. I calmly shared my thoughts about pronouns and did not escalate the situation further,’ Rosario said.

‘When I was doing the blood draw, I missed the first time due to my inexperience as a student, and per our policy, my supervisor performed the successful blood draw the second time. During this encounter, I never intended to harm the patient. I am truly sorry for poorly representing our school and our health system. I will reflect on responsible social media use as a professional and my duty to care for all my patients, regardless of any differences of belief.’ she continued.

Rosario appears to have deleted all her social media accounts apart from her LinkedIn profile since her post sparked outrage across the country. Once more details about the case are available, we will update the story.

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