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17-year-old Anaheim boy arrested on suspicion of shooting a bystander at Cinco de Mayo fair

Anaheim, California – Authorities have launched an investigation into the death of a bystander who ended up being fatally shot at the annual Cinco de Mayo fair in Anaheim.

Police said a brawl broke out at the fair on the north side of La Palma Park shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday, and that it was mostly involving children. According to authorities, a handgun was pulled during the altercation and shots were fired. The cause of the altercation was not disclosed by the authorities.

The victim was identified as a 36-year-old Anaheim resident, Gildardo Parrales Gracian. According to authorities, he did not take part in the altercation but, unfortunately, was struck by at least one bullet that was fired in the brawl. Gildardo was transported to a hospital for treatment, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Anaheim Police Department officials said that arrests were made in connection with this incident. A 17-year-old Anaheim boy was taken into custody on suspicion of murder, and a group of children were also apprehended.

Detectives found the weapon at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 714-321-3669.

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