Unvaccinated against flu, 6yo girl was in coma, temporarily lost her vision and was left with severe brain damage after rare complication from the flu; now gets MRI results showing that her brain is completely healed

4-year-old girl caught flu in 2019 and she nearly died after developing rare complications from the flu, but her parents were recently told by the doctors that her brain is completely healed, according to the latest MRI scans, and that is most certainly the news every parent wants to hear following a years-long treatment.

Jade was only 4 back in 2019 when she ended in coma after catching the flu. At the time, her parents couldn’t even imagine that catching the flu would put their daughter’s life in danger. According to CNN that reported about this case two years ago, the girl didn’t receive a flu shot in 2019 and developed very rare and serious complications after catching the flu.

It was Christmas Eve when her parents had to get Jade to a local hospital because she developed a high fever. When doctors realized the seriousness of the situations, she was flown 80 miles to a children’s hospital in Iowa. At that point, her parents didn’t know if they will see their daughter alive again. The symptoms she developed put her into a coma, she lost her vision and was left with severe brain damage.

The little girl was already in a coma and doctors informed Jade’s parents, Amanda and Stephen, that the flu had caused significant brain damage – encephalopathy (ANE). They were told that even if she wakes up, she would probably never be the same. Seven days later, Jade woke up with a smile on her face, but she was blind. Since that moment, her health condition started improving and Jade continued her treatment at home.

Less than three months later, her eyesight returned, but her brain was still severely damaged and her parents knew that it was yet another beginning of a recovery that would go far beyond what her family ever imagined. But at the time, the parents were happy just having their loved one next to them.

“We could have lost her so many times, and with the brain damage that we were seeing on the MRI scan of her brain, we didn’t think any part of her was really going to come back,” Amanda said in 2020. “Now, just having her up and around and eating and drinking and talking to me — I will take that blessing any day.”

More than two years later, even doctors were shocked by the recent MRI scans showing that Jade’s brain completely recovered.

“She goes, there’s nothing there. And of course, I’m like, what do you mean there’s nothing there? And she’s like her brain is completely healthy. There’s no sign of any brain damage whatsoever,” Jade’s mother, Amanda, told KCRG few days ago. “This is Jade, we finally got her back, and it’s the most exciting thing ever,” Amanda added.

According to the parents, Jade’s still has absence fevers, but the medications against such kinds of fevers work in Jade’s case. Jade’s mother and father are happy seeing their daughter’s improvement over the years and the recent clean MRI scan results are the perfect boost they needed to continue the recovery process. The now 6-year-old will start first grade in the fall and her mother is excited her daughter’s personality emerge.

Amanda wants to thank everyone for their support the last couple of years. She is sharing this resource for those with loved ones who have ANE, it’s a resource that has helped their family during Jade’s journey.

The whole report and recent photos of Jade can be seen here!

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