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Record number of passengers traveled for Juneteenth holiday despite all flight delays and cancelations

Los Angeles, California – Despite all the flight cancellations and delays as a result of the terrible weather conditions, the Transportation Safety Administration said one of the highest numbers of travelers on a nationwide level was recorded on Friday for the Juneteenth Holiday Weekend.

According to TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein’s tweet, the highest number of passengers since November 28, 2021, was recorded on Friday when Transportation Security Officers screened 2,438,784 passengers at the nation’s airports.

Flight cancellations are still a problem for airlines all around the United States, despite the fact that there have been a record number of screenings.

According to the website that monitors flight delays and cancellation statistics, Flight Aware, a total of 2,679 delayed and 751 canceled flights were reported nationwide on Saturday. 136 of the flights delayed and 32 of the flights canceled were at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

There were no cancelations at Long Beach Airport on Saturday, and only 10 flights were delayed.

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