Months-old baby, previously denied heart transplant because his parents didn’t want him to receive series of vaccines, including the Covid vaccine, has finally been approved the much-needed transplant

Late last month, several news outlets reported the case of the 6-month-old baby who was denied a life-saving heart transplant only because his parents didn’t want him to receive a series of vaccines, including the Covid-19 vaccine. Per the parents, they refused to abide by the requirements based on their religious beliefs and their medical concerns related to their son’s immunocompromised status. Several days ago, the hospital decided to change their decision regarding the case, and the baby is expected to undergo a heart transplant.

According to the GiveSendGo campaign created by the boy’s parents, the six-month-old August’s case was reportedly the “worst” defect that one cardiologist had ever seen. Doctors found out that August had defect heart when he was only 13 days old. Since he was born, the boy has spent most of his life in hospital and he even underwent unsuccessful heart surgery back in June. Right after the surgery, doctors informed his parents that he would need a transplant.

Several days ago, Fox News reported that the doctors at the Tenn. based Vanderbilt University Hospital informed the parents that in order to put their son on the waiting list, he would have to receive series of vaccines, including the recently approved Covid-19 vaccine for children under 5. August’s evangelical parents didn’t vaccinate him because it went against their beliefs, but more importantly because they were worried about his health because he was immune-compromised.

As soon as the case appeared online, it gathered a lot of public and media attention. State Senate candidate Gary Humble, who is also the founder and executive director of a local non-profit, provided background on this story as well as a call to contact decision makers to help this child. Part of the statement reads:

This year, we ran SB2151 to keep situations like this from happening. Had the bill passed, it would have been discriminatory by law to deny any individual healthcare services because of their vaccination status. But the Senate Judiciary Committee killed the bill in committee. Not only did the bill die, but representatives from the Governor’s office and the TN Dept of Health showed up in committee to testify against the bill.

Per August’s mother, Hannah, the transplant team said they will keep the baby off the transplant list if they don’t vaccinate the baby with series of vaccines, including the Covid-19 vaccine. Hannah claims that one of the doctors used the ‘I am mandating’ phrase several times. During the second and the third conversation, the mother tried to explain to the doctor that she and her husband are concerned of the potential negative consequences their child might suffer taking into consideration his current health condition, but the doctor wasn’t changing his mind.

“I firmly believe with absolute confidence that it is despicable, unethical, heartless, and disgusting to withhold a heart from a six-month-old baby over this,” she wrote according to Daily Mail. “I believe loading his body on these [vaccines] will kill him. I believe it is within my rights as a parent to choose this for him. I believe that this doctor holding this over us is motivated by ego. As his parents, we have a responsibility to protect our son at all costs. He is dying, and time is of the essence.”

Last week, the mother on Instagram informed the public that her son was again accepted on the transplant list. At this point, it remains unknown if the parents decided to vaccine the boy or whether

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