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Public help needed in locating a man responsible for injuring a woman after placing an explosive device in her Anaheim residence

Anaheim, California – The Anaheim Police Department made a request to the general public for assistance in locating a suspect who is considered responsible for injuring a woman after placing an explosive device inside her residence.

An explosion was reported in the 8000 block of East Far Canyon Way in Anaheim at about 5:40 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the Sergeant of Police for the Anaheim Police Department, Shane Carringer.

According to Carringer, the suspect shattered glass in order to place the explosive device inside the residence. The woman went downstairs to check after being awakened by the sound of glass breaking and was hit by flying glass, causing her to break both her foot and hand.

Authorities described the suspect as a 6’ tall male weighing around 180 pounds. A clothing description was also provided, saying the suspect was wearing black jeans, a backpack, black tennis shoes, and a dark grey hoodie.

Clear information on why the suspect placed an explosive in the woman’s residence was not available.

There is an investigation going on, and anyone who knows anything about the incident should call 714-765-1557.

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