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Domestic violence suspect arrested after a pursuit and hours-long standoff with police

West Covina California – The pursuit that started on Tuesday ended when the driver lost control over their vehicle after being rear ended by a police vehicle and eventually crashed into a parked car.

Police were pursuing the driver of a Scion who was suspected of committing domestic violence.

The pursuit of the suspect began in West Covina and continued around freeways in the Southeast Los Angeles area

The officers from West Covina tried to use a spin out maneuver on the suspect when they were on Telegraph Road in Whittier. However, the suspect managed to get away and continued traveling on the southbound 605 Freeway.

Eventually, a police vehicle rear-ended the Scion, causing the vehicle to crash into a parked vehicle. The police officers then brandished their weapons and surrounded the suspect.

Despite being surrounded by police the suspect refused to surrender. Finally after 3-hours long standoff, officers were able to take the suspect into custody.

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