California toddler among the two children in U.S who have monkeypox

One of the two children in the U.S. that health officials announced on Friday were infected with the monkeypox virus is a California resident.

According to the CDC, the child in California that was diagnosed with monkeypox is a toddler, while the other child is a baby who is a non-US resident.

According to the latest information, the children are receiving treatment and are said to be in good health.

It is yet unknown how they were infected with the virus, but health officials believe that it was through home contact. Additional information was not made public.

As of July 21, there were 147 confirmed instances of monkeypox in Los Angeles County.

The county stopped accepting pre-registrations for the monkeypox vaccination on July 20 because of the high demand for it and the limited supply.

According to a spokesperson for the Riverside University Health System, hundreds of doses of the JYNNEOS monkeypox vaccine were provided to health clinics in the Coachella Valley on Friday. These vaccinations were from the limited quantity that Riverside County had.

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