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Teenager taken into custody after fatally shooting a man in West Long Beach

Long Beach, California – Police said that a 16-year-old was taken into custody over the weekend, not long after a fatal shooting at the Springdale West Apartments in West Long Beach.

The incident took place in the 3100 block of West Spring Street at around 3:22 Sunday afternoon. The Long Beach Police Department says that when the responding officers got to the scene, they found a man who was unconscious and had been shot in the upper body.

According to the police, personnel from the Long Beach Fire Department went to the scene and took the victim to a nearby hospital, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries. The victim was identified as Louis Longeno, 19, a resident of Maywood.

SWAT forces have been called in to assist local police in their search for the suspected shooter, who has been identified as a 16-year-old boy.

After setting up a perimeter, the police advised the people in the neighborhood to leave the area or take cover.

According to a statement released by the Long Beach Police Department, “While SWAT personnel were on scene, officers received additional information that the subject involved in the shooting was outside the perimeter and was going to turn himself in at the police station.”

After that, he was arrested on suspicion of one count of murder and put into the Long Beach City Jail. Due to the fact that the suspect is still a minor, his identity was not made public.

The reason for the shooting, as well as the circumstances that led up to it, are still being investigated.

The case will be presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office next week.

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