Little girl asked her stepfather for something to eat, he gave her something instead that eventually led to a prison sentence

It is common knowledge that not everyone can take care of and raise children simply due to the fact that not everyone knows how to handle them.

This man certainly went too far in his intentions to set some ground rules in the house. He was fiercely criticized and enraged everyone on the internet for the horrific thing he did to his stepdaughter when she asked him to give her something to eat.

The man confessed that he murdered his 5-year-old stepdaughter by stabbing her multiple times in the chest after she told him she was hungry and required him to give her something to eat.

The detectives could not imagine why someone could do something that cruel to a little girl and what a child could possibly do to end up like that, so they asked him why he killed her during an interrogation.

“What was so awful about Luna today that you had to kill her?” the detective asked Thomas.

“I told her it wasn’t dinner time,” Thomas answered.

He went on to explain that Luna had come to his bedroom and told him she was hungry, and in response, he had tried to force her to leave. After that, she sat down on the floor and Thomas pushed her towards the door.

“It tipped me over the edge. She gave me more attitude,” Thomas said.

He grabbed the girl up by the shoulder and threw her down on the ground. Then he sat on top of her and stabbed her many times in the chest.

“What’d she do when you stabbed her?” the detective asked.

“She cried, and she coughed. Not very long,” Thomas responded.

Thomas’s counsel tried to have the first-degree child abuse charges withdrawn in court, which would have resulted in Thomas still being subject to a sentence for second-degree murder. However, the judge rejected this motion. In the end, he was found guilty on all charges.

Many people on the internet argued that Thomas should get a harsh sentence for the crime he committed.

“This is just horrible!! This beautiful little girl was a typical five year old. She was hungry so she asked for food. This idiot got mad so he killed her. I hope the people in prison have a little surprise for him. Let the prisoners take care of him. I hope they beat him to a pulp and let him lay there in pain and misery,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“This animal should be trapped down to a table and stabbed as many times he stab that little girl then covered up and set on fire hopefully he would still be alive to feel the heat of the fire. The bastard don’t need to live,” another wrote.

“He should go to prison for life and never be around kids again. This was premeditated because of how he despised of the body and all. A 5 year old will aggrivate but the parent or stepparent has to be able to handle it. Plain and simple. I had 3 and I didn’t hurt one,” another added.

We are republishing this story because findings from recent research show the rate of physical abuse of children has increased.

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