Mother told to say her last goodbye to her son, he utters this word and she collapses to the floor

Mothers do everything for their children, and in moments when fate plays with them, they do not give up until the last moment, and they do not lose hope that a miracle will happen. This woman is among those who is hoping that a miracle will happen and her son will be able to make it despite being informed several times by doctors that he wouldn’t survive.

The woman’s son had been in critical condition for eight months, and she is now filled with happiness and joy after hearing her son utter “mum” for the first time.

Georgia’s 14-year-old son, James, was given a diagnosis of encephalitis, a rare auto-immune illness that is a neurological ailment that causes inflammation of the brain as well as violent spasms.

When he first started to feel sick, he had high temperatures and times when he felt lost, but the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him.

Georgia was left shocked when she stepped into James’ bedroom only weeks after seeing the doctor because she found him bleeding from the mouth with “blue lips and vacant eyes.”

The teenager was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he was placed on life support before an MRI could determine that James suffered from a collapsed lung, sepsis, and a chest infection. Concerned doctors sent him to the intensive care unit an hour later.

After being transported to the ICU, doctors were unable to inform Georgia whether her son would survive or how long he would need to remain on life support. James was diagnosed with encephalitis one month later.

”I had no idea what he had, I wasn’t a doctor, but I knew my son was poorly. It was bittersweet, I was relieved that we finally had it, but it was so serious, I didn’t know if my boy could beat it,” Georgia said.

Once doctors found out what was wrong with James, they treated him with a number of different methods, such as steroid drugs, a therapeutic plasma exchange, and a special ketogenic diet.

As James’s health got worse, the doctors had to tell his upset mother that it was time to say her final goodbyes.

“I was devastated, I was trying to wrap my head around what was going on, but I was just numb,” said Georgia.

After James had been hospitalized for a period of four months, the medical staff arranged for a visit with Georgia and her mother, Debbie, 51, to discuss a new treatment known as anakinra, which had the potential to extend his life. James would get injections three times a day for a period of six months as part of the therapy, which was something that had never been tested on children before. The goal of the treatment was to lessen the inflammation that was prevalent in his brain.

The news that the therapy had been effective was delivered to Georgia, and later that day, she was able to hear her son call her “mom” for the first time in over a year.

“Every day was a rollercoaster. I never thought I would ever hear my son call me ‘mum’ again,” she said. I collapsed to the floor, I had waited so long to hear James’ voice again. ‘James has been home a few weeks now and it’s just something we were never sure would happen. ‘I’m so grateful to everyone who helped him. He can call out for me whenever he wants now, it’s the best sound ever,” Georgia added.

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