Sexual offender served his sentence for impregnating three children, rapes another minor after release

A man who was serving a sentence for multiple convictions in connection with the sexual abuse of children was found guilty once again of a new child sex crime after getting out of prison. The 47-year-old man was taken into custody after he admitted to abusing a young girl he met on social media.

The man allegedly molested the girl without her parents’ knowledge during the summer. Investigators obtained a warrant for Travis’ social media accounts, which revealed “troves of evidence displaying his sexual acts with the minor and requests for pornographic photos from the child,” as per documents.

Court documents also state that Travis asked the victim to bring in a third party—a minor—to have sex. He was arrested, and two days before he was scheduled to go to trial, he pleaded guilty to his crimes.

It was during his sentencing hearing that the court heard that Travis had raped multiple victims previously, getting three of his underage victims pregnant as a result of his abuse. In 2006, he was sentenced for impregnating a 16-year-old girl, and that’s when it was revealed that this teenager was the third victim Travis had impregnated. Since the case did not delve into any further information, it was not clear if the victims kept the children. The duration of Travis’ sentence back then wasn’t revealed, either.

On the other hand, it was made abundantly obvious that Travis was registered as a sex offender back then, and this was based on the past convictions that he had for lewd and lascivious battery as well as contributing to the delinquency of a child by impregnating.

“He is a sexual predator who has repeatedly victimized underage girls for his own purposes. He has inflicted harm on far too many girls, but his trail of devastated young lives will come to an end behind bars,” said U.S. Attorney Lawrence.

In the case of men like Travis, who persist in causing harm to naive youngsters after having been punished by the law for their crimes, stricter rules must be in place.

Travis was sentenced to life in prison.

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