Woman stabs her husband over explicit images of him with a woman, realizes later she made a big mistake

After seeing explicit photos of her husband with a woman on his phone, a jealous and seemingly surprised woman exploded into violent wrath and attacked him. She acted before giving her husband the opportunity to explain himself, which led to a devastating mistake that cannot be undone. She started stabbing him over a misunderstanding that was almost certain to end her husband’s life.

Leonora became suspicious that her husband, Juan, was cheating on her when she came across photos of him with someone else, or at least she assumed it was someone else. She saw a younger woman in some explicit photos taken with her husband that she did not recognize.

Reportedly, the old images showed Juan having s*x with the woman, which caused Leonora to erupt into aggressive behavior. It was said that the old images showed Juan N having sex with the woman, which caused Leonora to erupt into aggressive behavior. The woman took a knife from the drawer, and after leaving her husband little opportunity to explain himself, she started repeatedly stabbing him in the back. She kept stabbing him while insulting him. Eventually, Juan was able to take the weapon away from Leonora.

When Juan eventually questioned what images she was referring to, she said the pictures she saw of him in bed with a woman she didn’t know. Juan was finally able to inform her that the woman in the images was actually her, and that the pictures were shot many years ago. He also told her when the photos were taken. Leonora could not recognize herself in the photos that had been taken of her during the time that she and Juan were dating because the woman in the photographs seemed to be younger and thinner, and she was wearing make-up.

Authorities received a report from neighbors hearing screaming from the couple’s house. Police arrived to find Juan suffering from multiple stab wounds to his limbs. Despite Juan explaining the event to responding officers, they arrested Leonora and she will be held in custody pending charges.

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