One of two suspects in ATM skimming scheme in San Bernardino County taken into custody

San Bernardino, California – Police in San Bernardino have arrested a man who was involved in an ATM skimming scheme.

According to the San Bernardino Police Department, one of the two people who used skimming devices at ATMs in San Bernardino County has been arrested.

On Thursday, San Bernardino police were summoned to a Bank of America ATM in the 2011 block of East Highland Avenue.

Two suspects were captured on surveillance video putting a “skimming device” under a sticker on the side of an ATM, according to the SBPD.

When police arrived, one of the suspects was still there, and he was taken into custody without any further incident.

It’s not known how much money the suspects were able to take or if they managed to gain personal identification numbers.

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