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Reason for increased air-traffic over Long Beach revealed

Long Beach, California – The primary runway at Long Beach Airport has been closed because of a broken water line, and commercial air traffic has been rerouted to the secondary runway. As a result of this change in the flight path, aircraft will now pass over California Heights and the homes south of Heartwell Park.

According to a spokesperson, Kate Kuykendall, the officials suspect that the line was destroyed during overnight work on the airfield’s taxiway. A replacement project that will cost $25 million has been underway at the facility since the beginning of the year.

In addition, Kuykendall said that there is now an investigation being conducted to figure out the cause of the damage. It was expected that repairs would be finished today, but Kuykendall said that, as is the case with any construction project, it is possible that it may take longer.

The majority of commercial flights are operating as planned, although they are using Runway 26R, which is located on the northern part of the airfield. However, some flights, such as those going to and from Hawaii, may need the longer runway because of the weight of the aircraft and the amount of time it takes to accelerate or decelerate.

Kuykendall said that construction was temporarily stopped this morning to enable an aircraft bound for Hawaii to take off, but that the runway remains unavailable at this time. She urged passengers to check in with their respective airlines to see if their flights would go as planned, be delayed, or be canceled.

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