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Construction project closes downtown Long Beach bus stops

Long Beach, California – A construction project will require the closure of eight bus stations in the downtown area of Long Beach beginning on Wednesday and lasting for the next two weeks.

At each of the eight bus stops, construction crews will install brand new shelters, solar panels, seats, and electronic signs as part of the project.

The project will impact Routes 51, 111, 112, 151, 181, 191, and 192.

The following is a timetable of bus stop closures:

  • Third Street and Pine Avenue: Oct. 19-21
  • Broadway and Magnolia Avenue: Oct. 19-21
  • Third Street and Pacific Avenue: Oct. 24-26
  • Broadway and Pacific Avenue: Oct. 24-26
  • Third Street and Magnolia Avenue: Oct. 27-31
  • Broadway and Long Beach Boulevard: Oct. 27-31
  • Broadway and Maine Avenue: Nov. 1-3
  • Broadway and Atlantic Avenue: Nov. 1-3

The estimated cost of the project is $650,000. The money was provided through a grant from the federal government.

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