Boy teased at school for his appearance and nicknamed “Rabbit Boy,” see how he looks now—the transformation is unbelievable

This boy was constantly teased because he had two large front teeth. The school kids nicknamed him “Rabbit Boy”.

The boy, Evan, has endured ridicule his whole life because of his enlarged front teeth, which were so big that the teen was never able to close his mouth all the way.

But after five years of orthodontic visits and, most importantly, with the help of an embracing community and strangers from far away, this youth finally has a smile he can be proud of.

The cost of the procedures necessary for fixing Evan’s buck teeth amounted to a whopping $100,000. When the boy’s story went public, however, donations poured in from around the country, saving Evan’s mom from having to mortgage the family home.

Earlier this week, orthodontist Ronald took Evan’s braces off, revealing a confident, happy smile underneath.

“It’s about time,” Evan’s mother, Barbara, told news outlets. “I don’t know where we would have been today without the generosity we had.”

Watch the video below.


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