Man beats his ex-wife on the street, gets an instant dose of karma in seconds

CCTV footage of the event showed that the man hit a helpless woman on the head over and over again.

With what appeared to be rolled-up paper in his hand, the man continued to hit the woman even after she fell to her knees, screaming for help.

As the ex-husband stopped the attack, a man was caught on camera running towards the couple. He then dives at the man and headbutts him, knocking him to the ground. Soon after, other bystanders piled in on them.

“The man was beating his wife. She was crying and screaming. Then a passer-by knocked him down,” one witness stated.

Another said: “It was terrifying. The woman was yelling the place down. She was trying to protect herself. This kind of violence in unacceptable.”

The pair, who are believed to be divorced, had just attended a hearing at the Istanbul Court of Justice when the assault occurred.

The man, identified as Mehmet, was later arrested.

It is unclear where exactly the footage was taken.

We are republishing this story amid the surge in violent crime the United States is currently facing.

Click here to watch the video!


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