Men admit to ‘indecently abusing’ a woman; judge cleared them of charges for a bizarre reason and left everyone in disbelief 

Acquittal means that an accused person is found not guilty of the crimes for which they were charged. This can happen through a variety of means, such as a jury acquittal or a judge dismissing the charges. This means that the court system has decided that there is not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused person did commit the crime.

But the reason behind why a judge cleared two men of rape charges in this case is rather odd. The men were accused of raping a girl in Italy.

When they appeared before the judge, they were cleared because the girl was deemed to have masculine features and to be too ugly.

The men have been cleared of the charges.

However, no one really knew why they weren’t punished for the ra-e of the girl that occurred in 2016 until the details were recently released.

The two men admitted that they ra-ed the girl when they went to court, but they weren’t sure why they committed the act. They claimed that she wasn’t attractive.

They saved her phone number in their phones, but they listed it under “Viking” because of her appearance.

They also didn’t like the fact that she looked like she had manly features instead of feminine ones.

When the judge saw pictures of the victim, he agreed with the men that she wasn’t what was considered beautiful.

A group of protesters learned about what the judge was doing and gathered in front of the courthouse to display their anger at letting the men go free simply because the victim didn’t have a beautiful look.

As the judges and the rapists left the courthouse, they had to wade through the crowd of protesters while avoiding the language that was being thrown at them as well.

The judge took a few moments to explain why he made his decision, but it wasn’t enough for the protesters.

They were angry about the decision and wanted something done because the men could have just as easily raped a girl who was considered beautiful in the eyes of the law.

The court didn’t believe the testimony that was given by the victim in court, which didn’t help her case.

The men are from Peru, and the woman they raped is from Peru as well.

It’s not clear as to how they met her, but the woman gave a short account of the details when she went to court.

The rapists put something in her drink so that she wouldn’t remember anything and so that it would be easier for them to rape her.

One of the men stood by while the other one committed the crime before they changed positions.


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