Girlfriend says final goodbye as family pulls the plug on a teen boy; what she does next brings everyone to tears

End-of-life decisions, such as when to remove a patient from life support, are difficult and emotional for everyone involved. These decisions are usually made by the patient’s family and medical team, taking into account the patient’s wishes, health status, and likelihood of recovery.

A teenage girl had to do one of the hardest things anyone has to do when they love someone so much. She had to say goodbye to her boyfriend. He was on life support, and due to his injury, the doctor said he would have brain damage for the rest of his life and would never recover. Because of this, they took him off the machines he was on. He was not awake and would never be awake again. So everyone had to say goodbye to 16-year-old Blake.

According to reports, Blake was surfing with two of his friends when a riptide came through and swept them away. However, they did get rescued. Although they were recovered from the water, it was too late for young Blake. He was brain dead and would never recover, according to his doctors.

Since he would be taken off life support, his family was given the chance to say their final goodbyes to the young boy. First, his family told him goodbye, but then, his girlfriend, young Stephanie, was allowed to be with him for a few minutes to say her final goodbye.

As Stephanie was telling Blake goodbye for the last time, knowing she would never see him, or touch him again, she laid down next to him and hugged him. When those present saw the heartbreaking picture of Stephanie lying next to him, they all started crying.

According to Ms. Stephanie, Blake was a loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone.

It is so sad that this young boy had to lose his life just because he was having fun with his friends. What do you think about this sad story? Share your opinions on this in the comments below and let everyone know what you think!


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