Boy punished for telling stepdad his mother has love affair; cops shocked by what the mother did to her son

A mother of 31, feeling “betrayed” by her son, handed him the worst punishment possible after he refused to participate in her lies. The boy told his stepfather that his mother had a visit from her alleged boyfriend. As soon as the mother found out about this, she “had a quarrel” with her son and then violently ended his life when he was only 8 years old.

The mother, Anastasia, allegedly took her son, Andrey, to the courtyard of their house before taking a canister of fuel and dousing her son in it. As the defenseless young boy cried out in fear, the mother went on to pour the fuel into his mouth and said, “Let’s see how it will burn,” before setting a lighter on.

Watching the horror unfold from a few feet away was the boy’s sister, Natasha, 12. “(The fuel) was pouring into his mouth, as he was crying,” the young girl said.

Unable to watch the horrific sight, the girl ran away as her brother was set on fire by their mother. Soon, Anastasia and her husband put out the fire, and an ambulance arrived to take the seriously burned boy to the hospital. Having suffered 45 percent burns, there wasn’t much that could be done to save him, and the boy passed away in the hospital two days after his mom set him on fire.

In the events leading up to the boy’s tragic death, a neighbor saw Anastasia having an argument with her husband. “I saw her at the bus stop. She had a quarrel with her husband. It seems she took it out on her children,” claimed the neighbor.

Currently, Anastasia is in the middle of a criminal investigation in connection with the boy’s death. Details from the case revealed that Andrey had previously been removed from the mother’s custody and was being looked after by an orphanage. Now, investigators are trying to find out how the boy was returned to the mother’s care. If convicted, Anastasia could be handed a jail sentence of 20 years by the court. We are republishing this story amid recent reports that violent crime has increased in the United States during the pandemic.


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