65-year-old woman goes for an ultrasound; doctors take a look at the monitor and scream in disbelief, leaving the woman astonished 

Women can get pregnant at any age, but their ability to do so decreases with age, and by the age of 40, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant naturally is less than 5% per cycle. However, the woman in this story proves that there are always exemptions.

Annegret became world famous in 2005 when she became the oldest mother. At the age of 55, she had given birth to a little girl.

That same year, Annegret, who worked as a teacher, retired. She had 13 children from five different fathers.

But the controversial mother has made headlines again after becoming pregnant once again—this time at the age of 65.

It was claimed that her pregnancy was not healthy, and medical experts advised others not to do or try the same thing.

But Annegret stood her ground and insisted on continuing with the pregnancy.

And it was not just her age that surprised the doctors who did her ultrasound tests.

Annegret is also a grandmother of 7.

A little over 10 years ago, she became famous when she gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 55. Her pregnancy caused a wide public debate.

Annegret responded to her critics, saying she knows how to take care of herself during pregnancy.

She also believes that everyone is allowed to live the life they choose and has full control over their body.

In 2015, Annegret made headlines when she announced she was expecting a quadruplet at age 65!

The doctors could not believe their eyes when they saw the ultrasound, but the one who was most astonished was Annegret herself.

In her wildest dreams, she did not think she would be pregnant with a quadruplet.

After undergoing IVF treatments, the single mother gave birth in a hospital. According to her doctor, the pregnancy was “surprisingly easy.”

The babies, three sons and a daughter, were delivered by c-section in the 26th week.

The pregnancy could not last beyond the 26th week because the doctors determined that Annegret’s uterus would not be able to cope with the pressure.

Despite some complications during the first months after birth, all four children and their mother were able to return home after a short period of supervision.

The babies have recovered well, and today everyone is healthy and happy!

The mother, Annegret, was able to return home to her 10-year-old daughter, Leila, who was happy to meet her younger siblings.

Annegret is now the mother of 17 children, with the oldest being 46 years old.

When speaking of the historical pregnancy, Annegret made it clear that it was her daughter, Leila, who had this idea.

Leila said, “I wanted a brother or sister.”

Many have wondered if it is a good idea to become a new mom at such an older age.

“If you gossip about someone else, then you do not have such an interesting life, so it does not worry me,”  Annegret said. Her previous children gave Annegret seven grandchildren. Some are much older than some of her children.

For a woman who’s just about to reach the age of 70 with a teenage daughter and four babies, Annegret still manages to stay calm, which is certainly impressive.

“I’m not really worried. I keep myself healthy, and I’m in good shape. As for everything else, I have enough experience, so it’s not something new to me,” she said.

Annegret plans to move to a smaller town, where she has bought a much larger house.

And who has the right to say that this family is wrong? The most important thing is that children will feel good and safe when they grow up.

What do you think about having children at this age? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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