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Long Beach small businesses struggling with a persistent burglary trend despite police efforts

Long Beach, California – Despite the best efforts of Long Beach law enforcement officials, the incidence of burglaries targeting small businesses in the area has continued to increase in recent months, with two more businesses falling victim to the crime this week alone.

Since the start of the year, 23 different commercial burglaries have been reported in Long Beach, which is causing great distress to the affected business owners.

Tanyss Buchanan, the owner of Soggy Dog Pet Grooming, was one of the recent victims of the burglars. Buchanan, who has been running her business for almost two decades, was shocked that her establishment was considered a target for thieves. Her business was not damaged in any way, as the burglars managed to pick the lock to gain entry.

The perpetrators stole several electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, a blade case, multiple cash registers, and the electronic customer files that Buchanan has been compiling for nearly 20 years. She is devastated by the incident and says she feels helpless and violated. Buchanan is not alone, as local Mexican restaurant Holé Molé was also robbed over the weekend.

The Long Beach Police Department claims that they have made up to seven arrests linked to the string of robberies. However, business owners remain outraged and on edge. Long Beach Police Department Commander Lee Debrabander admits that the problem cannot be solved by the police department alone and urges the community to work together. He encourages people to report any suspicious activities they may see.

In the meantime, the police suggest that business owners request a free safety assessment, which includes assessing the property and providing suggestions on how to improve security. Buchanan advises her fellow business owners to be prepared because burglaries can happen to anyone.

It is important to note that the police cannot be expected to solve this problem on their own. The community must also take responsibility for their safety and work together to prevent burglaries from occurring. Business owners should take precautions such as installing security cameras, motion sensor lights, and an alarm system. They should also ensure that their windows and doors are properly locked, and valuables are stored in a secure location.

It is also important for business owners to report any suspicious activities to the police department as soon as they occur. By doing so, they can help the police department track down the perpetrators and prevent future burglaries.

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