Pickleball fever: The rise and expansion in Dallas-Fort Worth

In a captivating shift spotlighting America’s rapidly growing passion for pickleball, Pickle and Social, as well as The Picklr, are gearing up to broaden their footprint within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dallas Metro News reported.

Set to anchor at Frisco Station—a vast 242-acre hub in the evolving neighborhood north of Dallas—Pickle and Social is envisioned as a comprehensive leisure destination. Beyond its indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, visitors can expect an array of recreational delights, including a putting green, beach volleyball courts, yard games, and ping-pong tables. Work on this expansive project will kick off in spring 2023, leading up to a keenly awaited inauguration by spring 2025.

Surprisingly, this grand venture will spring to life close to Fairway Social, another leisure haven emphasizing golf and diverse sports. The collaboration between these hubs is expected to enrich the entertainment scene in an area already teeming with leisure pursuits.

“As one of the fastest growing cities in America, it’s fitting for Frisco to become a destination for pickleball,” remarked Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney.

“Our residents have been clamoring for additional pickleball courts for some time. Given our community’s active bent, I’m optimistic about the warm reception awaiting this initiative. This venture aligns perfectly with Frisco Station’s progressive spirit.”

Simultaneously, The Picklr, hailing from Utah, shared a glimpse of its bold nationwide expansion plan. This indoor pickleball sanctuary is plotting the launch of six fresh venues, judiciously scattered between Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth territory. Yet, the firm chose to remain circumspect regarding the exact launch dates for the Dallas-Fort Worth outlets, keeping the details confidential for now.

“In coming on board to expand The Picklr, our new partners see the value of making this sport accessible and enjoyable to people across the country,” shared Jorge Baargan, the brain behind The Picklr.

“The Picklr distinguishes itself with premium facilities and a distinct community spirit, palpable to all who join the Picklr family, be it as members, players, or our latest franchise owners.”

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