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$750,000 worth of infant formula to arrive in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County, California – In an effort to fight off the current shortage, Supervisor Hilda L. Solis revealed on Friday that Los Angeles County has placed an order for infant formula for a total of $750,000.

According to a statement released by Solis, she noted that “many parents and caregivers have been worried and anxious due to the shortage of baby formula. As the county government, it is our responsibility to be the safety net for our residents and meet the needs of those most vulnerable.”

The first part of the order should arrive in the next week and will be delivered through the Nurse Family Partnership Program of the Department of Public Health, according to Solis. This program offers support to new parents by providing them with in-home visits.

She said that the Department of Children and Family Services is buying $500,000 worth of baby formula at the instruction of the supervisor, and that some of it is already being distributed to families that are involved in the child welfare system.

She said that the work done by the county is similar to that of President Joe Biden’s efforts to provide infant formula to families all throughout the country. Officials from the Food and Drug Administration have issued a warning that supplies won’t be back to normal until the month of July.

The nationwide shortage of baby formula was caused by a contamination that led to the closure of one of the major manufacturing plants in the country.

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