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Police investigating a Long Beach apartment robbery where a woman and her three children were held at gunpoint

Long Beach, California – Long Beach is overall a safe destination to live or visit, but that’s not saying much. Crime rates have been rising for many years, and the city has been trying to deal with it. In order to combat these high crime rates, the police are implementing new strategies and tactics in an attempt to stem the tide of crime.

But despite all the efforts of law enforcement, many Long Beach residents say they feel unsafe every time they are out on their own, with some of them saying they are considering moving. The latest incident that only justifies the opinions of the locals about the safety within the city occurred over the weekend, when a woman and her three children were held at gunpoint at their home.

Three men broke into a home, one of them armed, on the 2000 block of Beverly Plaza on Sunday shortly after 11 p.m. The woman was at the apartment with her three children at the time of the incident.

The armed man held the woman at gunpoint after entering the property, while the other two intruders ransacked the home before leaving with stolen items. Fortunately, neither the woman nor her children were hurt during the incident.

Information on the value of the stolen property was not released. The Long Beach police are now investigating the incident. At the time of this writing, there was no information about possible suspects.

People in the neighborhood who learned about the incident expressed concerns about their safety and are urging authorities to take additional measures in the fight against the crime.

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