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Wildlife officials say a coyote that attacked 2-year-old girl in Woodland Hills has been euthanized

Los Angeles, California – Attacks by coyotes on people are rare, but they do happen sometimes, especially in places where coyotes are used to people and no longer fear them.

In these cases, it is important to take precautions to protect yourself and your family from coyote attacks. This includes removing any potential sources of food, such as outdoor pet food and garbage, and making sure to supervise small children and pets when they are outside. If you encounter a coyote, it is best to remain calm and make yourself appear as large and intimidating as possible. Making loud noises, such as shouting or clapping, can also help scare the coyote away.

Coyote attacks have put residents in Woodland Hills on high alert, with two incidents occurring since the beginning of the month: one on Friday when a coyote attacked a dog, and another on December 2 when a coyote attacked a young girl who was lucky to have one of her parents nearby and escaped certain death.

The coyote dragged the two-year-old girl while she was outside her home in the 22400 block of Martha Street, but fortunately her father was nearby and was able to pull her away and scare off the coyote. As a result of the attack, the little girl was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

The coyote that attacked the girl was captured on December 9.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials said they matched DNA from the saliva on the girl’s clothes with a coyote that was captured on Friday and euthanized the coyote.

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