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Long Beach’s newest healthy food and drink spot opens this weekend

Juicy Caboosy, located in Long Beach, is a new healthy food and drink spot that incorporates natural ingredients into their menu, including cold press juices and salads, as well as cocktails made with cold press juice. The owners, Tomeka Bryant and Ailsa Von-Dobeneck, met while working in the railroad industry in New Orleans and bonded over their shared love of food, drinks, and good times on the Gulf Coast. When an old caboose became available, they decided to bring it to Long Beach as a juice and food post for the beach crowd, incorporating all the things they enjoy into a business.

Bryant and Von-Dobeneck noticed that there were not many healthy options available on the Gulf Coast, and so they made it their mission to offer healthy and refreshing options to their guests. They believe that incorporating healthy cold press juice and natural ingredients into cocktails makes them more enjoyable and less heavy than traditional drinks. “It’s something that is light, refreshing that people will love to drink. You don’t feel so heavy or miserable after. Excellent salads and natural juices is something I think people will enjoy,” said Von-Dobeneck.

In addition to their current menu offerings, the owners plan to expand in the future by adding an outdoor bar and more outdoor games for their guests. They are excited for what the future holds for the Juicy Caboosy and are looking forward to the grand opening on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The caboose will be open Wednesday through Sunday, and guests can also follow their Instagram for updates.

The Juicy Caboosy is a unique addition to Long Beach’s food scene, offering healthy options that are not always readily available in the area. With their creative menu and fun atmosphere, the owners hope to create a special place for people to gather and enjoy good food, drinks, and company.


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