Rialto teenage girl reunited with family after being kidnapped by a New York man she met on social media

Rialto, California – A teen girl was kidnapped by a man she met online through social media, but she is now back with her family.

According to authorities, after communicating with the man online for an extended period of time, the 17-year-old girl eventually travelled to New York to meet him in person. When her parents noticed she had gone missing, they called the Rialto police.

Police found out that the teenager had talked to 24-year-old Elijah Clark on social media. Authorities said they were aware that something was not right after the man hung up on them when they tried to contact him.

Shortly after, they received a text message from the same number they had previously dialed. The victim was asking for help in the text message and mentioned she was held in New York against her will.

New York police found the girl and, on Mother’s Day, she was able to spend time with her family again.

Clark has been arrested and is facing charges for kidnapping.

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