15-year-old girl buried her newborn baby girl alive; then, an unlikely hero comes to the rescue

There are numerous stories about the heroic actions of our best friends, dogs, who are always ready, regardless of the circumstances, to rush to help those in need. This time, our hero’s name is Ping. The smart dog saved a baby who was buried alive by his own teenage mother.

Ping was a disabled dog who lost one of his legs in a car accident. He is a very calm and loyal pet, helping his owner by tending to his cattle in the fields. The villagers spotted him one day while he was quickly sniffing and digging the ground. Usa, the owner of Ping, rushed to the scene as soon as he heard his dog barking. The three-legged dog was barking, standing on the same spot all the time; it seemed he wanted to say he found something important. As he approached closer, Usa saw the baby’s legs. People rushed immediately to help the shocked man save the baby, who was taken to the local hospital. According to the hospital staff, fortunately, the baby’s life was not in danger; his health condition was good.

Authorities in Thailand conducted an investigation that showed that the baby’s mother was a 15-year-old teenage girl who, in a desperate state, had tried to hide her baby, as she was afraid of being punished by her father because of her pregnancy. The baby’s mother should be charged with attempted murder, but for now she is undergoing some psychological evaluation and should be under the care of social workers. The scared teenage girl explained that she was so confused and afraid that she didn’t realize the consequences of her action.

The baby’s young mother had feared her parents would discover her pregnancy. Anyway, her family was willing to take care of her baby. Thanks to Ping, the baby is alive. The whole village was admired for the incredible and amazing action of the heroic dog.


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